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The original Roof Brothers was a grocery store and butcher shop

at the corner of Seventh and Tennessee streets in Paducah. The store opened in the early 1900’s and was owned by Louis Roof and his brothers.

In 1958, Louis Roof’s son Paul opened his first liquor store

one block away at the corner of Sixth and Tennessee. Paul received his first liquor license on his 21st birthday. He named the new store Paul Roof’s Drive In. The store was drive-up only and at times the line to the window would extend far down Sixth Street.

The business continued to grow and in 1967 it moved into a new, larger store in the middle of the block. The new store was drive-in or walk-up only and had service windows on all four sides of the building. The store flourished for many years and became a fixture in the neighborhood.

In 1983, Paul purchased the 19th Hole Liquors building on Park Avenue.

The building was torn down and a new larger store was built. This location was managed by Paul’s son Kenny Roof.

In 1987, Roof Brothers opened a second location

on Clark’s River Road managed by Paul’s son Mike Roof.

In the early 1990’s, Kenny Roof realized that the consumers’ tastes were beginning to change.

He needed more floor space to devote to wines, specialty beers and new bourbons coming on the market.

Plans were drawn for a new building and in 1999 the current store at 3145 Park Avenue was opened. Paul’s oldest daughter Wendy was brought on board to manage the store’s new gifts and gourmet foods department.

With 8,500 square feet of space, western Kentucky’s only in-store wine cellar and the largest selection of import and specialty beers within a 150-mile radius, the Park Avenue store is the place for anything from a bottle of wine for dinner to a custom made gift basket, to help planning a large wedding reception.

In 2002, Mike Roof expanded his Southside store in a new location several doors down from the original. The new location more than tripled the original size and today it’s the busiest liquor and beer retailer in the city.

In 2003, Paul Roof’s Drive In on Sixth Street closed

and Paul retired after more than 45 years in the business. In recent years, the Roof family has grown, with Terry, Todd, and Denny joining the business. Besides the family, both Roof Brothers’ locations are staffed with expert personnel who can assist you with everything you need.

The business has come a long way in over 50 years, from one average sized office with an inventory of whiskey, scotch, bourbon and gin to the present day, with two large storefronts and an expansive inventory of beer, wine, spirits, gourmet food and gifts that is unmatched regionally.