We have in stock or can order a large selection of keg beer. We typically stock Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite. It’s best to call 2-4 days in advance to reserve a keg.

We require a deposit for each keg, tap and tub (if needed). The deposit for kegs is $40, for most pumps is $50 and for tubs is $20. We accept cash, personal check or a credit card number to hold your deposit.

We will refund your deposit after all equipment is returned in good condition within 14 days. If we don’t hear from the customer within 14 days or the equipment is misused or damaged, all deposits will be forfeited. Refunds will be given for defective equipment.

Keg and Pump Tips

  • Keg beer should be kept cold at all times.
  • Don’t pump the keg more than absolutely necessary. Unnecessarily pumping air into the keg will result in foamy and flat beer.
  • One-half barrels contain 15.5 gallons, about 165, 12-ounce beers, not quite 7 regular cases. One-fourth barrels or pony kegs contain 7.75 gallons, about 82, 12-ounce beers, just over 3 regular cases.
  • Call us during regular business hours with any questions about how to use or pump a keg.

Here are the imported beers and microbrews that are available in kegs. All of these brands require at least one week notice and in some cases up to three weeks notice. Keg beer prices fluctuate frequently so call for prices.

Abita Amber 1/2 bbl Great Lakes Elliot Ness 1/2 bbl
Abita Purple Haze 1/2 bbl Great Lakes Pale Ale 1/6 bbl
Abita Turbo Dog 1/2 bbl Great Lakes Pale Ale 1/2 bbl
Anchor Steam 1/6 bbl Great Lakes Porter 1/6 bbl
Anderson Valley Boont 1/2 bbl Great Lakes Porter 1/2 bbl
Anderson Valley IPA 1/2 bbl Guiness 50 Lt
Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout 1/2 bbl Harpoon IPA 1/6 bbl
Avery IPA 1/6 bbl Harpoon IPA 50 Lt
Avery IPA 1/2 bbl Heineken 50 Lt
Avery New World Porter 1/2 bbl Hobgoblin 1/2 bbl
Avery White Rascal 1/6 bbl Hoegarden 30 Lt
Avery White Rascal 1/2 bbl Kentucky Ale 1/4 bbl
Ayinger Octoberfest 30 Lt Kentucky Ale 1/2 bbl
Bass 50 Lt Kentucky Ale Light 1/4 bbl
Bells Amber 1/4 bbl Kentucky Ale Light 1/2 bbl
Bells Amber 1/2 bbl Kentucky Bourbon Ale 1/4 bbl
Bells Pale Ale 1/4 bbl Kentucky Bourbon Ale 1/2 bbl
Bells Pale Ale 1/2 bbl Lienenkugels Sunset 1/2 bbl
Bells Two Hearted 1/4 bbl Lindeman’s Framboise 30 Lt
Bells Two Hearted 1/2 bbl Lindeman’s Peche 30 Lt
Bitburger Pilsner 30 Lt Moretti Bierra 30 Lt
Bitburger Pilsner 50 Lt New Holand Mad Hatter 1/6 bbl
Blue Moon 1/2 bbl New Holand Mad Hatter 1/2 bbl
Boulder Single Track 1/2 bbl Newcastle Brown Ale 50 Lt
Breckenridge 471 IPA 1/6 bbl Ommegang Hennepin 1/6 bbl
Breckenridge 471 IPA 1/2 bbl Ommegang Hennepin 1/2 bbl
Breckenridge Avalanche 1/6 bbl Rockies Hazed & Infused 1/2 bbl
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 1/6 bbl Rockies Mojo IPA 1/2 bbl
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 1/2 bbl Rogue Dead Guy Ale 50 Lt
Chimay 20 Lt Rogue Mocha Porter 50 Lt
Chouffe Houblon 1/6 bbl Sam Adams 1/6 bbl
Clipper City Loose Cannon 1/6 bbl Schlafly Dry Hopped APA 1/6 bbl
Clipper City Peg Leg 1/6 bbl Schlafly Dry Hopped APA 50 Lt
Delirium Tremons 20 Lt Schlafly Hefe – Weis 1/6 bbl
Delirium Tremons 50 Lt Schlafly Hefe – Weis 50 Lt
Dogfish 60 Min 1/6 bbl Schlafly Seasonals 1/6 bbl
Dogfish 60 Min 1/2 bbl Schlafly Seasonals 50 Lt
Dogfish 90 Min 1/6 bbl Schlafly Oatmeal Stout 1/6 bbl
Dogfish 90 Min 1/2 bbl Schlafly Oatmeal Stout 50 Lt
Dogfish Raison 1/6 bbl Schlafly Pale Ale 1/6 bbl
Dos Equis Amber 50 Lt Schlafly Pale Ale 50 Lt
Erdinger Hefe – Weis 50 Lt Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 1/6 bbl
Erdinger Octoberfest Weis 50 Lt Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 1/2 bbl
Flying Dog Gonzo 1/6 bbl Spaten Lager 50 Lt
Flying Dog Old Scratch 1/6 bbl Spaten Optimator 50 Lt
Flying Dog Pale Ale 1/6 bbl Stella Artois 50 Lt
Flying Dog Pale Ale 1/2 bbl Stone IPA 1/2 bbl
Flying Dog Snake Dog 1/6 bbl Stone Arrogant Bastard 1/2 bbl
Flying Dog Wheat 1/6 bbl Stone Pale Ale 1/2 bbl
Goose Island Honkers 1/6 bbl Stone Ruination IPA 1/2 bbl
Goose Island IPA 1/6 bbl Thirsty Dog Siberian Night 1/6 bbl
Great Lakes Blackout Stout 1/2 bbl Thirsty Dog Siberian Night 1/2 bbl
Great Lakes Commodore Perry 1/2 bbl Young’s Double Chocolate Stout 50 Lt
Great Lakes Dortmunder 1/6 bbl
Great Lakes Dortmunder 1/2 bbl FOR ALL SEASONAL BEERS CALL